What is Agriculture about?

Science learning area title.

  Mā te whakaaro nui e hanga te whare;   

  mā te mātauranga e whakaū.

Agriculture is all about the importance of growing food and fibre in a renewable way. In order to meet the challenges facing our planet, agriculture needs to feed a growing world population at the same time that it protects the very environment that it depends on.

Why study Agriculture?

Agriculture is able to inform problem solving and decision making in many areas of life. Many of the major challenges and opportunities that confront our world need to be approached from a scientific perspective, taking into account social and ethical considerations.

By studying agriculture students: 

  • Learn about the interactions between plants, animals and their environment. 
  • Learn how farmers and growers can manage their plants, animals and the environment to meet society’s needs. 
  • Develop practical skills and apply academic knowledge to make decisions on how they can manipulate the environment to grow and sell products that the world needs.