NCEA Level 3 Physical Education

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: V. Matheson

Recommended Prior Learning

Minimum 14 credits from Level 2 PED or with recommendation from the Head of Faculty.

The Level 3 Physical Education’s programme is a 20 credit Level 3 Achievement Standard course.   is co-construction with students at the start of the year. All standards within the Physical Education program are Level 3 Achievement Standards. The program is completely internally assessed with no external standards. 

Using the major concepts from Level 1 and 2 PED courses you will look at content such as: breaking down, analysing and improving sporting skills, developing and evaluating the effectiveness of fitness or skill development programmes and developing strategies to ensure lifelong physical activity and well-being.

Students taking this course cannot enrol in the SEP course.

This is a University Entrance approved subject.

Field trips: To be confirmed.


Physical Education & Health