NCEA Level 3 Hospitality

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: K. Slocombe

Recommended Prior Learning

Successful completion of Level 2 Hospitality or negotiated entry with Level 3 Teacher.  An interest in and motivation with Food Hospitality a distinct advantage.

This course is a Level 3 course, of Unit Standards, for students interested in food and hospitality. It develops safe food handling practices, knowledge of coffee origins and espresso beverages through practical application of barista skills and the running of the Coffee Lab at regular intervals and lunchtimes during the school year to gain 30 hours of experience needed to achieve the Level 3 Barista Achievement Standard. There are practical opportunities to prepare food and develop food preparation and presentation skills.

This course will offer learning experiences in the following:

  • Food Safety
  • Coffee origin, production and the making of a range of beverages for sale
  • Demonstrating knowledge of, and becoming familiar with, a wide range of foods: what they are, where they come from, and how they may be used
  • Nutritional information considerations when catering for a group [subject to completion of US18497]

Access to a keyboard device is an advantage for this course.


Food and Nutrition