NCEA Level 3 Classical Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: G. Hampton

Recommended Prior Learning

14 credits at Level 2 Classical Studies or History, or in consultation with Mrs Hampton. 

Classics is the study of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Both cultures have greatly influenced the development of Western civilisation. It is a multidisciplinary subject that covers history, art, literature and philosophy. 

In Classics we delve into the ancient world, learning about how the ancient cultures lived and comparing that to our own society. Students will develop essential skills such as the ability to gather, analyse and communicate information, to think laterally and creatively, to articulate unique points of view.

At Level 3 there is an emphasis on the messages of Roman propaganda delivered through the great artworks and architecture present in the empire, and the life and legacy of Alexander the Great and the success of his policies. 


  • Heroes of the ancient world
  • Alexander the Great
  • Propaganda in Roman art and architecture
  • Roman epic

This course is a University Entrance approved subject.

Field trip to University of Canterbury.


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