NCEA Level 2 Materials Technology: Fabrics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: A. Bowis

The aim of Technology – Fabrics course is to present a course of study, which requires candidates to express ideas in practical terms using selected materials and the processes of workshop technology, and applying principles of craftsmanship.

 This course will offer learning experiences in the following:

  • Machine Basics. Demonstrate understanding of the basics of the sewing machine including setting up, operating, lubricating, cleaning and adjusting.
  • Clothing the Family.  Use a commercial pattern of your choice to make a leisure garment with a minimum of four processes involved.  Analyse the relationship between the pattern chosen and the fabric and notions required to make the garment.
  • Construct the garment to a wearable finish that meets the requirements of end use.
  • Stepping Out in Style.  Using a commercial pattern supplied, make a tailored shirt that includes at least two special features. Establish specifications for each feature and trial and test a variety of methods to ensure the best technique is selected.
  • Pattern Drafting for Fashion

Selecting a suitable pattern and undertake advanced adaptations. Refine the pattern using ongoing testing to ensure correct style and fit. Correctly labelling with all necessary markings. Constructing a final toile or mock-up of the adapted pattern to ensure the final pattern correctly interprets the design.

This course leads to a University Entrance approved subject.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

This course has a practical component which requires students to design 3 of their own garments. To realise their designs students may choose to purchase their own fabric, pattern, notions etc, or they may use items supplied by the school. There will be a take home cost to cover some of the materials supplied by school.

Recommended Prior Learning

General entry. There are no prerequisites for this course but study of this subject at Year 10 and Year 11 is an advantage.

Credit Information
Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits UE Literacy Credits Numeracy Credits
U.S. 1540 v6 Set up, adjust, and operate a domestic lockstitch sewing machine
U.S. 6690 v4 Plan for and construct a tailored shirt
U.S. 6692 v4 Prepare for and construct a leisure garment
A.S. 91345 v4 Construction and Mechanical Technologies 2.21 - Implement advanced procedures using textile materials to make a specified product with special features
A.S. 91350 v4 Construction and Mechanical Technologies 2.26 - Make advanced adaptations to a pattern to change the structural and style features of a design
Total Credits

Total Credits Available: 24 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 24 credits.

Pathway Tags

Textiles and Industry Sales and Service, Retail and Wholesale


For NCEA Levels 1, 2 & 3 courses will be made up of a selection of the stated standards. This will happen at the beginning of the year with the assigned teacher.