NCEA Level 2 Hospitality

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: K. Slocombe

Recommended Prior Learning

No entry requirements but an interest and the motivation to be involved in foods and hospitality a distinct advantage.

This course is a Level 2 course, of Unit Standards, for students interested in food and hospitality. It develops safe food handling practices, knowledge of coffee and espresso beverages through practical application of barista skills. Also practical application of food preparation and presentation, making of mocktails, table service and customer interaction.

This course will offer learning experiences in the following:

  • Handling food safely
  • Sharpening and handling knives
  • Food preparation and presentation
  • Hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks
  • Barista
  • Table service
  • Customer interaction

Access to a keyboard device is an advantage for this course.


Food and Nutrition