NCEA Level 2 English Language Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: C. Naden

Recommended Prior Learning

This option is for bi-lingual students (those who speak two languages).  

Students set learning goals and develop own learning plan. This course is a two year course. Students have the chance to study standards for university entrance.

This course is designed to support students for whom English is an additional language.  They will continue to develop the reading, writing, information literacy and verbal skills necessary to function effectively as participating members of the community beyond school and/or in the pursuit of study. Students complete a variety of achievement and unit standards at the level most appropriate to their progress in English.  Most standards are internally assessed. However, there is opportunity for students to do some external assessment if they are at the appropriate level. This is a flexible programme which caters for individual needs and strengths. 

The goals for this course are for students to gain at least 14 credits towards achieving Level 2 NCEA.

This course can lead to a University Entrance approved subject.