NCEA Level 2 Child Development

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: S. Johnstone

Recommended Prior Learning

Level 1 NCEA or by consultation.

Level 2 Child Development focuses on learning about infants, toddlers and/or young children, and how caregivers can support young children. The primary focus is learning about how carers can meet the basic needs of young children, enabling all children to reach their full potential. Topics include basic needs, learning and development of young children, how to encourage good health, and the importance of attachments to adults. Part of the course involves practical experience working with children. (Police vetting is required as part of this process).

Not all of the Unit Standards may be covered, and there are also additional Standards that can be utilised instead.  It will depend on the learning needs of the group.

This course does not lead to a University Entrance approved subject.

Field trips: Regular visits during class time to a local preschool.


Physical Education & Health