NCEA Level 1 Food & Nutrition

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: H. Shore-Taylor

Recommended Prior Learning

Successful completion of Year 10 Food and Nutrition or by negotiation with the HOD.

This course is a Level 1 course which develops food preparation skills through practical application and focuses on adolescent nutritional needs and discusses social influences on food choices. The practical work offered encourages safe food handling practices and good food choices.

This course will offer learning experiences in the following:

  • Handling food safely.
  • Advocacy skills used to solve a food safety issue.
  • Individual adolescent eating patterns and nutritional needs.
  • Food packaging and its influences on food choices and well-being.
  • Societal influences on food choices.

Access to a keyboard device is highly recommended for success in this course.


Food and Nutrition

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Most ingredients are supplied by the department; however, students may be asked to supply some ingredients if individualising recipes.

Access to a keyboard device is an advantage for this course.

Pathway Tags

Hospitality: Chef, Baker, Bar Manager, Bartender, Front of House, Caterer, Cafe Manager, Tourism, Hotel/Motel Receptionist, Barista, Accommodation Manager, Catering Manager, Event Manager, Hotel Manager, Restaurant Manager, Chef, Waitress, Waiter, Tour Guide, Retail Manager, Receptionist, Cafe Worker, Kitchenhand, Dietitian, Nutritionist, Food Technology, Food Science, New product design, Food Engineering, Public health, Quality Assurance, Food Critic, Food Stylist, Cake Decorator, Product Promotion, Hospitality, Bar Tender, Housekeeper, Hotel/ Motel Receptionist, Food marketing, Barista., Nutritionist


For NCEA Levels 1, 2 & 3 courses will be made up of a selection of the stated standards. This will happen at the beginning of the year with the assigned teacher.