NCEA Level 1 Economics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: A. Mitchell

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 10 Money Management is an advantage but not essential.

Level 1 Economics gives students an understanding of everyday choices consumers, producers and the government need to make because of scarcity.  This helps students to solve issues that they may face in their everyday lives. They will also develop the skills to see economic decisions from different perspectives and recognise the values that are held by the various groups or individuals. Students also develop their financial capability and ability to participate effectively in the real world.


  • Consumer choice and demand;
  • Producers and production decisions;
  • Producer choices and supply;
  • Market equilibrium;
  • Government choices; and
  • Interdependence of the sectors of the economy.

This subject leads to an approved University Entrance subject.

There will be a field trip to a local business.


Social Science


NCEA Level 2 Economics